About Eric

Elevator Pitch: I am a dynamic leader with a proven track record driving concurrent program efforts that lead to exceptional levels of customer satisfaction in highly regulated industries. Equally successful as a strategist and a trusted client advisor able to develop long-term relationships with executives in large organizations while achieving the goal of improving the accessibility of Digital Assets.

Eric and Andrea

A Little More Down to Earth: My name is Eric Lyons, and I bring with me over 15 years of professional experience to this application. From my humble beginnings as a web developer, through years of dedication to the digital accessibility space and teaching others about its importance, I have always tried to find ways that I can make an impression on those around me, and make the industries I touch better.

As a project lead, manager and Director of Training, I have gotten my hands in projects both big and small, and worked with client ranging from Fortune 500 companies to various branches of the Federal Government. I have a passion for helping others, whether it be a company or the public they serve. I'm tireless in my approach, and work diligintly to solve problems, from the minute to the big ones.

So What Do I Bring to the Table?

Well I believe I bring a lot. Beyond just the skills I have acquired over the years, I bring with me a knapsack full of intangibles. Empathy. Respect. A strong desire to make the world, and by default the companies I work for, a better place. But you want to know the skills. So here!

My Skills and My Passions

I have had the good fortune of being involved from start to finish when developing new accounts while at SSB Bart Group. From pre-sales presentations and meetings, to customizing products and services to meet client demands, I pride myself in the ability to listen first, sell second. I have built strong relationships with clients that range from Fortune 500 to the various branches of the Federal Government.

And it never stops there. My attention to detail demands that I make sure everything is going as expected and beyond with the clients I service. The relationship management side of things continues long after the ink has dried on the contract. Checking in regularly with clients and making sure they are getting the most out of their products, is of upmost importance. And I'm not a robot. The clients I have worked with know they're getting a real person who truly wishes to help them achieve success. Success for them is success for me...

  • Public Speaking
  • Presentation skills (from developer all the way up to C-Level)
  • JIRA
  • Basecamp
  • Salesforce

For more than a decade of my professional career, I have dedicated myself to the world of digital accessibility. I am a firm believer that we are all entitled to equal access to all the web, and the world it populates, has to offer.

I have a solid understanding of WCAG 2.0 Guidelines and Section 508 standards. I am well versed in the various assistive technologies users with disabilities use to access content on the web, as well as on mobile devices. And I have trained entire development teams on how to code with accessibility in mind. Teach a coder how to make an accessible product, and you're on your way to making the world an accessible place.

  • Section 508
  • WCAG 2.0
  • Assistive Technologies
    • JAWS
    • NVDA
    • Voiceover (iOS)
    • Talkback (Android)
    • Dragon Naturaly Speaking

Where it all began...my start down the road that is my career began in the spare room of my apartment in Morgantown, tirelessly teaching myself HTML, CSS and a handful of other development and design skills. What started as curiosity spilled into a joy of creating things; coding and then watching it materialize on my screen. I know that I would not have found myself where I am now. Web design will always be a joy to me!

I've taken that development and design experience and even dabbled in mobile. I think it's just amazing what used to be so difficult to get on a computer screen can now be created on our mobile devices. I hope wherever I land next, I will continue to see the benefits of technology first hand.

  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • Adobe Creative Suites
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Bootstrap
  • Wordpress
  • XCode
  • Android Studio


So still wondering if I'm legit or not? Take a look at some of my wins: